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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

National Park Office

A natural habitat needs people in the background and behind the scenes.

If one simply wants to allow nature to grow, then why is an office needed? The territory of Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park covers around 10,000 hectares spread out over the states of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. The National Park Office plans, runs and maintains the National Park. Its duties include, for example, helping visitors, maintaining paths and regulating the wild animal population. 50 to 60 people work at the National Park Office, predominantly existing staff from state forests. The National Park’s work programme - the targets and measures required for the development of the National Park - are specified in the National Park plan.

55 employees make up the park’s team, as well as numerous external partners.. Already these few facts are clear: here everything has to be planned, landscaped, organised and accounted for.

In short: The National Park needs a management structure with a manager, team and technology - and therefore, it needs the National Park Office. The National Park Office distributes its tasks among three departments, each with its own manager.



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