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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Developing the region

New prospects for villages and towns

Protecting the environment and allowing a natural habitat to develop are important tasks for a national park. Closely related to this is the goal of establishing the region as an attractive location for both employers and employees. Therefore the state initiative for the National park shows ways in which villages and towns in the surrounding area can benefit: the country’s, state’s and EU’s funding programmes should predominately benefit the National Park region. It is important for municipalities to be proactive in developing projects and attracting funding. A national park which has learnt from the experiences of other national parks should boost tourism, restaurants, local businesses and services in the region. New jobs and training positions are created as a result, especially in the fields of environmental education and tourism, but also in branches such as cutting edge “green” technology, IT and communications.

chruch and village square in Allenbach