With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

The environment is educational

Great for big and small researchers

Nothing is as memorable as learning from experience. In order to understand the cycle of nature and its many facets, the National Park offers many vantage points across this area, which is the size of 14,000 football fields.

Nursery school children and school pupils can discover this natural habitat while accompanied by qualified environmental educators. School pupils learn about natural history and science up close. In particular, questions about the future and science are areas which can be discussed thoroughly in schools near the National Park, which means that some 13,000 young people in the area will also benefit from its existence. The National Park is just as attractive to students and scientists in terms of field work. The free development of the forest’s ecosystem in a changing climate can be studied here, meaning important insights into sustainable forestry and the timber industry can be gained.

We want to use the National Park to support the development of higher education in the region with a “National Park Research Network” and new training courses in professions relating to the environment. The Environmental Campus in Birkenfeld, located in the direct vicinity, is a shining example of this.