With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald


Access for wheelchair users in Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park - here there are some obstacles! Not in the minds of those who are planning the facilities and services at the Park, but rather from nature itself. The jagged cliffs and “Rosselhalden,” the swampy marshes and impenetrable forests are obstacles for every visitor. And for every visitor there is a way to overcome any obstacles on pathways. We just have to find it.

Die Planer des Nationalparks machen sich aber nicht alleine auf die Suche, sie nehmen dazu Experten mit: Menschen mit und ohne Beeinträchtigungen werden schon bei den ersten Überlegungen mit auf den Weg genommen. The architects of the National Park are not alone in this search, using experts too: people both with and without physical impairments are already treated with every consideration along the way.  This has already been carried out in workshops and by groups working on disabled accessibility.

It generally applies that: Wir machen das - gemeinsam! We are doing this – together!

The first wheelchair and pram accessible ranger tours are already on offer. An experienced National Park guide is just waiting to show you around.

An example of this is the “Island Route” ranger tour which starts at Thranenweier.

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Accessibility: Everyone is welcome here!