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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Group tours

Bookable group offers


Are you planning a group trip to the National Park? As a travel operator, with your club or as a company outing? Then you should avail of the group tours provided by our certified National Park guides. You could hike one of the following routes, for example:

Straight through

Hike on the trails and paths which go through the National Park. You will learn all about nature in the protected area from a professional guide, avoiding all the tourist hot spots. This will take place at your own pace and can be adapted to your wishes! You can coordinate the length, duration and difficulty level (as well as any other aspects) with your National Park guide.


There are three (literally) outstanding points in the National Park which are particularly striking:
Erbeskopf is the highest point in the state, where you can also avail of exciting offers around Hunsrückhaus
Wildenburg is synonymous with mystical cliffs and forests, the Mörschieder Burr and outdoor wildlife enclosure with wolves, lynxes and wildcats
The celtic-hillfort and the Celtic Park in Otzenhausen, at the foot of the Dollberge, offer fascinating insights into Celtic history.
Arrange a two to three hour hike in one of these areas in the spectacular National Park with your guide. After the hike, you can avail of further offers in each location, and regain your strength with a coffee, a slice of cake or a regional specialty.

Flora & Fauna

Are you interested in a particular topic? Are you interested in wetlands, natural forests, Europe’s biggest wildcat population, the black woodpecker or “Rosselhalden”? Our National Park guides are well-acquainted with nature in the National Park and will gladly inform you on specific topics in the relevant places - including on accessible routes!

Choose from one of these programmes and get in contact with the National Park Office:

poststelle@nlphh.de, Telephone 06131 884152-0

Your enquiry will be forwarded on to the relevant person who will arrange the conditions and prepare the visit in accordance with your wishes.

The National Park Office can also tell you more if you want to visit the National Park with a school or nursery class.

Links to our National Park guides can be found at Partner network.

Additional information

If you also want information about accommodation and other visitor offers in the region, the tourist information centres listed below are the appropriate contact partners. Group deals can also be arranged by  them.

Group tours are led by certified National Park guides for a self-determined fee, decided upon when booking.


  • Hunsrück Tourism GmbH info@hunsruecktouristik.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6543 507700

  • Naheland Tourism GmbHinfo@naheland.net,

     Phone: +49(0)6752 137610

  • TI Birkenfeld info@birkenfelder-land.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6782 983457-0

  • TI Hermeskeil  info@hermeskeil.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6503 9535-0

  • TI Herrstein info@edelsteinstrasse.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6785 79-103

  • TI Idar-Oberstein touristinfo@idar-oberstein.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6781 64-871

  • TI Thalfang ti@erbeskopf.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6504 9140 141

  • TI Morbachtouristinfo@morbach.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6533 71-117

  • TI Nohfelden  info@nohfelden.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6852 885-0

  • TI Nonnweiler tourist@nonnweiler.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6873 660-76

  • TI Rhaunen info@vg-rhaunen.de,

     Phone: +49(0)6544 181-30