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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Information about the National Park

The three sites, Hunsrückhaus am Erbeskopf, Wildenburg bei Kempfeld and the Celtic hillfort at Otzenhausen offer an excellent introduction to the National Park and its many facets. In the next few years they are being developed into National Park entrances, but they are already worth a visit now.

Sign up for a tour from one of these points (or somewhere else) and wander through the National Park with professional guides. Find out which routes you can take on foot, by bike, which routes are wheelchair-accessible, and other specific information at the National Park Office or the Tourist Information Office. You can also watch rangers at work. Ranger tours take place at specific times in specific locations. They are free of charge, there is no need to register and they are also suitable for individuals who are not part of a group.

Information can be found out on-site from the people at the Tourist Information Centres in towns and municipalities within the region. In the coming weeks, these will also become National Park information points. You can find out more about our National Park ranger tours there. Contact information for certified National Park guides or for other tours offered in the National Park and in the Nature Park can also be obtained there.

Furthermore, there is also a National Park academy, where once a month they will deal with questions on and about the National Park. Whether it’s about mobility, hunting, wetland restoration or anything else, the next few months certainly promise some exciting topics. Come and share your thoughts with us!