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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Walking the National Park

In the National Park itself you can find the brilliantly outstanding Saar-Hunsrück Steig. It was only just extended by over 200  kilometres. The 9th to the 12th stage of the Saar-Hunsrück Steig extend from Nonnweiler to Idar-Oberstein through the territory of Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. It goes through the Celtic hillfort, through beautiful beech forests, through the enchanting Dollberge, to the high wetlands around Erbeskopf and the ruins at Wildenburg with its 10 hectares of outdoor wildlife enclosures where you can see native forest animals, wildcats and wolves. The trail goes through rocky landscapes to magnificent views of the “Kirschweiler Fortress” rock formation and the “Mörschieder Burr” nature reserve.

Of course, you don’t have to walk the entire 200 km or cover all of the individual stages. In recent years, 111 Traumschleifen (dream-trails) have been signposted around the Saar-Hunsrück Steig. The following premium trails lead you through the entire National Park.

  • The “Hubertus National Park trail” (9.5 km, approx. 3 hours) begins in the Hochwaldbad -Carpark in Nonnweiler. This varied trail connects romantic river valleys and the Nonnweiler dam to the impressive woods of the National Park.
  • The “Trauntal mountain path” (12.4 km, approx. 4 hours) starts at Forellenhof in Börfink-Einschiederhof and follows the curved course of the River Traun, through solitary forest paths, to the Celtic hilltop fortification, “Vorkastell”, which offers an expansive view over the National Park region.
  • The “Börfinker slog” (10 km, approx. 3 hours) also starts at Forellenhof in Börfink-Einschiederhof. The route winds through wide arnica meadows and cotton grass in “Ochsenbruch,” as well as wetland areas on the outskirts of Börfink within the National Park. Pure nature, clear streams and wonderful tranquility - that’s what the Börfinker slog in the centre of Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park is all about.
  • You can either start hiking the “Dollberg loop” (11.2 km, approx. 4 hours) at Köhlerhütte Neuhütten or at the forest’s car park in Otzenhausen. The trail goes through the Dollberge ridge to Züscher Hammer, the largest iron works in Hunsrück in the 17th century, continues along the Nonnweiler dam, the largest reservoir of drinking water in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, and then to the ten metre high Celtic stone walls of Otzenhausen.
  • The “Gipfelrauschen” dream trail (7.5 km, approx. 3 hours) circles the Erbeskopf, the highest point in Rhineland-Palatinate, and consists of natural off-road paths where you can enjoy the never-ending silence of nature, a typical feature of the National Park. The route then leads you to sloping wetlands such as Springenbruch and Ehlesbruch. Another highlight is the “Windklang” viewing platform on the highest mountain in Rhineland-Palatinate. It starts at Hunsrückhaus am Erbeskopf.
  • The “Herrstein-Kirschweiler National Park trail” (8.5 km, approx. 3 hours) starts at Kirschweiler’s golf course. You can expect some scenic highlights on this trail, with magnificent views such as the Kirschweiler fortress or the Ringkopf. You are sure to see many different facets of the National Park.


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