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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

The short road to the National Park

The road to founding the National Park in Hunsrück took about four years in total. The idea of founding a national park in Rhineland-Palatinate arose from a coalition agreement in 2011 between the SPD and Green Party, who made up the state government at that time. Thereafter, five regions expressed their interest as locations which would be suitable for nature conservation. A clear interest in a national park was expressed by the municipal bodies in Hunsrück. A comprehensive dialogue was thus initiated. The involvement of the public in this is almost unparalleled in how successful it was. In March 2013 the results of various work groups were handed over to the Environmental Minister. Two months later, the nature park and the municipalities established key issues for the state government and the aims which they would support in the development of the National Park. In September, a response was presented by the state government in the form of a state initiative. In turn, this state initiative was passed by the municipal committees (county council, town council and local councils) with an overwhelming majority.

Subsequently, work on the law followed, with the establishment of a regional office to undertake the first preparations for a national park, and to answer any further questions from the public. The state treaty, jointly developed with the Saarland, was then adopted by law in both state parliaments in January 2015. While the first regulations came into force on 1st March, they aimed to officially open the park during the Pentecost weekend in 2015. The National Park enjoyed a grand opening with an official ceremony, a regional festival with several thousand visitors, and the first ranger tours.

The road to the National Park
The road to the National Park