With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Showcasing the National Park

Marketing can only be as good as the product itself. The name “National Park” represents not just a brand, but ultimately a product at its very core. “Allowing nature to be nature” is the slogan of all national parks. This is something which connects all national parks, not just within Germany, but far beyond its borders. We are therefore a member of the umbrella organisation EUROPARC, which represents national parks. However, the difference between Hunsrück National Park and many other national parks is that our national park is home to several magnificent cultural treasures.


Therefore, our logo consists of two symbols. The first symbol represents our membership of EUROPARC. The second is known as the “Celtic Cat”. It depicts our connection to both nature and culture, and is composed of both a  stylised wild cat and a typical Celtic symbol. In exactly the same way, information on both nature and culture can be found on our website. And our National Park rangers will gladly tell you stories about the natural and cultural treasures which can be found in both Hunsrück and Hochwald.

Foundation stone with the logo
Foundation stone at Hunsrück House