With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

About us

The National Park brings us together. Lots of the people from the region are working together. Some people work in tourism, on behalf of the administration or simply in administrative bodies in conjunction with industries, while others, such as nature conservation organisations and citizens, are involved in lobbying. This recipe for success has been enshrined in law.

The following provides an overview on

1. various organisational units, such as the office, the council, the municipal NLP assembly and the citizens’ forum.

2. the legal planning basis, such as the NLP plan, the route plan and other matters

3. the legal foundations of the park - what is allowed or forbidden at Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park in order to allow nature to be nature and to not disturb flora and fauna at the park

4. an overview of the partners who have already made the National Park a great success.

Der im Rahmen der Eröffnung aufgestellte Grundstein des Nationalparks Hunsrück-Hochwald