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Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald


Deadwood is home to 1400 species of beetle, 16 species of bat live in the cavities within the dead trees, and 1500 types of fungi inhabit it, decomposing the wood.

Such spectacular findings are expected from research conducted in a National Park. But issues relating to nature conservation and ecology are not the only areas of research covered by the National Park. The socioeconomic context, for example, is also worth researching. Questions on the valorisation of services provided by nature (how much is a day in the National Park worth to me?), on the regional added value created by the National Park or on the approval of management at the National Park are also being investigated.

It will be possible in the future to digitally access research results related to the National Park from a special research server.

Further findings related to research on the forest and its natural habitat can be found here.

scientist with dead wood