With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Regulations and requests

... for the National Park Office:

  • All area-related regulations pertaining to other forests and nature reserves in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland are also considered relevant to the National Park, unless the National Park State Treaty has regulated otherwise.
  • Organised activities such as sports events or fun runs may use the woods if permitted to do so by the National Park Office. The National Park Office can only permit this if the event is compatible with the aims and the protective purpose of the National Park.

... for visitors:

  • Use your common sense. You are in a nature reserve.
  • “Allow nature to be nature” is our motto.
  • We want to provide visitors and the population with a genuine experience within nature.
  • Peacefulness is one of our most important goals. Peace is essential for the animals, as well as those who are seeking some peace and quiet.
  • Experience the beauty of nature in peace and tranquility.
  • Experience nature - without leaving a trace.