With history, naturally!

Nationalpark Hunsruck-Hochwald

Schools and nurseries

Let the little ones discover something special!

Explore the wilderness with all your senses, learn about Hunsrück’s past, and shape the future of the National Park. Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park should be a place for children and young people to be able to experience and identify what’s special and unique about nature, our cultural history and other members of their group.

Developing a sense of environmental awareness among children and adolescents is an important goal for the National Park. In order to educate them about sustainable development, the National Park should not only be visited, but also experienced and understood using all the senses.

Our team of experienced National Park rangers and experts in archaeology and museum education offer special programmes for nursery school, primary school and secondary school children. The programmes for nursery schools and schools are free of charge.

Our educational programmes are particularly good for biology, history, geography and social studies classes.

In the future, our offers will also be continuously expanded in cooperation with partners, such as our certified National Park guides. So keep checking back every now and then and inquire about what’s new.

; Bild: Nationalpark Hunsrück Hochwald - Konrad Funk, Konrad Funk, Bei Verwendung, Nennung von Nationalpark HunsrÃÂück-Hochwald / Konrad Funk